Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holding Space installed

The installation is up and the opening was fun. I got a little write-up in the paper and several people stopped by the opening as a result. My favorite comments were a comparison to Fred Sandback (a minimalist hero of mine) who did amazing string pieces, much simpler than Holding Space but quite incredible. I saw a piece of his in person at the Dia Beacon a few years ago. 

My friend and fellow paper artist Uta was looking at this model and exclaimed that it would look really great in a two-level building. I agree!

Several people commented on my dress, which has pleats which are reminiscent of paper. A lucky find two days before the opening...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Installing Holding Space

I began installing my installation at Ogle, Inc. in Portland today, with the help of three lovely women (Diane, Terri & Claire). I got there attach the strings to the perimeter of the skylight (after realizing last night that I'd had them cut to the wrong size - fortunately it took only an hour or so to correct). 

We placed the wooden platform and begun stringing, alternating who got to be the spider (the one who "dropped" the threads from the sky).