Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ceiling Lamp Complete

I finished my ceiling lamp at long last, just in time for Portland Open Studios. It is hard to tell the scale here, and I was going to include another photo but I Photo is not cooperating. It measures 3' in diameter and is about 12" in height.

It was fun to tidy up the studio and house for Open Studios. One woman brought a skein of yarn for The Mother Tree Project, another stayed to crochet and many people came through the house and studio throughout the weekend.

I attended the Friends of Dard Hunter annual papermaking meeting in Atlanta last week. While there, I gave a lecture at Emory University (a student of mine from Penland teaches there). I also had a chance to meet with the rare book librarian.

The conference was a reunion as always. Lots of old friends and some new ones. Sukey Hughes was the keynote speaker. Her book was the first papermaking book that I bought - $100 back in 1990 - that was a fortune then!

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