Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pop-up Paper Sundial

I'm working on this project for Hand Papermaking Magazine's Paper in Motion portfolio. Betsy Cluff is my collaborator and she will letterpress print on the sheet. The image you see here is a watermark. We had fun getting inspriration from Robert Adzema's The Great Sundial Cutout Book, which is full of great designs. It is a bit of a challenge for me to make 160+ sheets of paper – I have to beat 6 loads of pulp, try to match the color each time and my drying box can only dry 40 sheets at a time.


  1. Hi Helen;

    the paper arrived safely. so beautiful -- it almost made me cry. i really love it and can not wait to get it framed so I can enjoy it daily. Just stopped by to say Merry Christmas and all things bright and meaningful in the New Year!


  2. Hello:

    Another way to make your own paper sundial is with this page: