Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Blog Hop!

I'm typing today for the Mother's Day Blog Hop. Click on the title to read all of the great recent posts by artist mothers! I have a book by Anne Mavor called "Strong Hearts, Inspired Minds", which tells the stories of 15 artist moms and how they structured/juggled their lives. It is a good read.

I woke up to breakfast in bed on Mother's Day... of course I forgot to take a picture, but I got scrambled eggs with homemade salsa (okay, I made the salsa) and strawberries with whipped cream. We packed the car, the kids, the dog, the sled, the gear, etc. and headed up to Clear Lake Fire Lookout near Mt. Hood. We skied and snowshoed uphill the 3-1/2 miles to the lookout with windows on all sides.

I was a Mother's Day baby, and this year my birthday fell on Monday, so this was a nice little Mother's Day/Birthday retreat.

And I spent the morning on Saturday with some friends crocheting roots for my Mother Tree Project, which is now visiting Newberg, Oregon.

Then to round out our mini-vacation, we picked up our new puppy as soon as we got home. Toby is a sweet little labradoodle.

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  1. Thank you for participating! Your mother's day sounds like a lot of fun!